The industry's most detailed, accurate and reliable forest inventory.

Tesera’s High Resolution Inventory Solution (HRIS)
is designed to

Increase confidence 
in reliability of forest inventory data on-the-ground

security of wood supply

Support social license to operate
in the public interest

Enable greater corporate
market responsiveness and profitability

Inventory + Planning + Operations

An accurate, reliable, high resolution forest inventory provides the foundation
for detailed forest management planning and operations ensuring effective management of forest assets.



A High Resolution Inventory Solution (HRIS)  provides more detailed, accurate and timely HRIS data increases the likelihood of realizing sustainable forest management and enabling ecosystem services.

Forest managers to realize higher return on investment and optimize outcomes for the values they are managing.



A High Resolution Inventory Solution (HRIS)  provides localized timber and habitat attributes at a gridcell / microstand / aggregated microstand scale.

More realistic starting points for projections of timber/habitat values through time.

Better estimates of sustainability.



A High Resolution Inventory Solution (HRIS) provides information on terrain and above-ground vegetation which is used to define more accurate treatmentS, access options (harvesting and silviculture) for decision making.

Minimizes costs for operational planning and variance requests.

LiDAR is becoming common when generating a forest inventory.

We tried using just LiDAR.

We found that using LiDAR fused with Colour Infrared imagery provides better species identification.

With better species identification we get better estimation of volume and site index.

This allows us to connect our high resolution forest inventory to growth and yield.

As a result, we give you a high resolution forest inventory that accurately projects forest assets over time.


The next generation of forest inventory.
The only thing that's changed is everything.

It's now possible.

The industry's most detailed, accurate and reliable forest inventory.




A new innovative high resolution forest inventory that accurately identifies species, tree heights, volumes and log size distribution to ensure efficient harvesting to mill operations.


Accurate and up-to-date high resolution forest inventory that enables optimized cut block layout and road design to minimize timber cruising and optimize resource productivity in the field.


Integration of a high resolution inventory with detailed forest planning into one system ensures a single data source across the entire operations and allows for effective forest asset management.