Progressive forestry and logging techniques


After a successful HRIS pilot project, Tesera and Spray Lake Sawmills (SLS) are working with the Alberta government to approve the SLS inventory over their entire FMA.  

”HRIS has greatly improved Spray Lake Sawmills staff efficiency and safety. In terms of layout in the field, we now spend 50% less time performing this task. Tesera is also developing a forest inventory which will further improve our planning and operation efficiencies”.
Matt Denney, Planning Forester | Spray Lakes Sawmills Ltd.

High Resolution Inventory Trial

The Government of Saskatchewan's Forest Service is reviewing the standards
which govern forest inventories used for various forest management planning
activities in Saskatchewan, including wood supply analysis, habitat management,
and operational block design. As part of this review, the Forest Service is testing
a number of forest inventory innovations in order to understand the strengths,
limitations, and cost profiles of each. This competition is seeking a remote
sensing-based forest inventory to be conducted on a trial basis on the Fort a la
Corne Test Forest in central Saskatchewan.

Tesera is participating in the trial using our High Resolution Inventory Solution (HRIS).

Innovative ecosystem-based management


After a successful pilot project, Tesera and the UBC Alex Fraser Research Forest (Knife Creek Block) are working with the BC Government and industry partners to develop a full HRIS inventory for the entire IDF land base.

“Our HRIS Knife Creek results are tantalizing… I’m really excited that we are getting to the point where a bunch of folks can debate the merits of managing our forests in different ways, and then quickly analyze the results and implications. Great stuff.”
Ken Day, Manager | UBC Alex Fraser Research Forest

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