The industry's most detailed, accurate and reliable forest inventory.

Combines LiDAR, Colour infrared imagery, with ground plots.

Hundreds of attributes including species, volume, site index at the grid cell
and aggregated into microstands.

With accurate species and site index...project the inventory forward in time
using growth and yield models for every grid cell.

Move towards a "live inventory" with inventory updates and reconciliation.  

Effective and efficient forest estate modelling for
maximum return on investment.

Tesera’s High Resolution Inventory Solution (HRIS)
is designed to

Increase confidence 
in reliability of forest inventory data on-the-ground

security of wood supply

Support social license to operate
in the public interest

Enable greater corporate
market responsiveness and profitability

Inventory + Planning + Operations

An accurate, reliable, high resolution forest inventory provides the foundation
for detailed forest management planning and operations ensuring effective management of forest assets.



A High Resolution Inventory Solution (HRIS)  provides more detailed, accurate and timely HRIS data increases the likelihood of realizing sustainable forest management and enabling ecosystem services.

Forest managers to realize higher return on investment and optimize outcomes for the values they are managing.



A High Resolution Inventory Solution (HRIS)  provides localized timber and habitat attributes at a gridcell / microstand / aggregated microstand scale.

More realistic starting points for projections of timber/habitat values through time.

Better estimates of sustainability.



A High Resolution Inventory Solution (HRIS) provides information on terrain and above-ground vegetation which is used to define more accurate treatments, access options (harvesting and silviculture) for decision making.

Minimizes costs for operational planning and variance requests.

Complete forest inventory including:

  • Land cover classification
  • Species composition
  • Site productivity (site index)
  • Stand structure variables

At a high resolution:

  • Grid cell (e.g. 20m x 20m) inventory attributes
  • Rolled up to a microstand scale (e.g. 0.1 to 5 ha in size)

With potential to include:

With opportunity for:

  • Tree diameter distributions
  • Log size and quality distributions


  • Projecting the inventory forward in time using growth and yield models
  • Forest estate modelling
  • Inventory update and reconciliation

HRIS has greatly improved Spray Lake Sawmills staff efficiency and safety. In terms of layout in the field, we now spend 50% less time performing this task. Tesera is also developing a forest inventory which will further improve our planning and operation efficiencies.
— Matt Denney, Planning Forester | Spray Lake Sawmills Ltd.

Tesera's HRIS versus Alternative Approaches

An “at a glance” evaluation of Tesera's HRIS relative to more traditional aerial photo interpreted, and ground plot-based inventories.  The preferred options associated with each category are highlighted in blue. 


High Resolution Inventory Solution (HRIS) 

HRIS incorporates LiDAR and other geospatial data/imaging technologies to deliver a machine learning-based, automated, and integrated forest inventory solution.

HRIS reduces the risk of making operational/tactical/strategic decisions based on poor inventory data.  The use of more detailed, accurate and timely HRIS data increases the likelihood of realizing sustainable forest management and enabling ecosystem services. 

The objective of HRIS is to provide the data and value-add analytics that enable today’s forest managers to realize higher return on investment and optimize outcomes for the values they are managing.

nfi fig2250.jpg

LiDAR and Ground Plot Data

More reliable Digital Elevation Model (DEM) & Canopy Surface Model (CSM):

  • More efficient road and cutblock layout, particularly in steep terrain

Derivation of terrain indices and use of these indices in HRIS to assist with better estimates of: 

  • Species composition, and 
  • Site productivity (site index, ecosystem/habitat type classification)

Active detection of 3D canopy characteristics for:

  • More reliable estimates of stand structure attributes:
    • Height, Basal Area, Volume, Biomass, Carbon, etc.
  • Increased level of detail:
    • Stand and stock tables
    • Log quality and size distributions
    • Stand structure classification
  • Higher resolution inventory: 
  • Down to a grid cell scale
  • Summarized at the microstand level of detail



Lidar and Colour Infrared Imagery

HRIS combines (fuses) LiDAR with Colour Infrared imagery (CIR) to produce:

  • More accurate species identification and associated estimation of species composition
  • More precise estimates of associated structural variables
  • Used operationally to produce orthophotos

LiDAR is becoming common when generating a forest inventory.

We tried using just LiDAR.

We found that using LiDAR fused with Colour Infrared imagery provides better species identification.

With better species identification we get better estimation of volume and site index.

This allows us to connect our high resolution forest inventory to growth and yield.

As a result, we give you a high resolution forest inventory that accurately projects forest assets over time.

New Models, New Approaches


HRIS allows forestry companies to perform advanced G&Y analysis to refine site productivity estimates, to discover increased timber value, and develop cost-effective sampling plans that deliver more accurate and reliable ground - based plot estimates. 

While traditional forest growth and yield models have been used for forest management, they are increasingly being employed for other applications, including analytics of climate change impacts.


A High Resolution Inventory Used in Operations


Reduced timber cruising... because you confidently know species and age classes, and can efficiently design cut blocks and road layouts.

Precise knowledge of cut blocks also allow for accurate log distribution projections, so that harvesting efforts can now be matched with mill and market requirements.

Cash flow projections are able to support effective strategic planning and operations, from harvest block to sawmill... to the market.



Tesera’s High Resolution Inventory Solutions (HRIS) provide a variety of benefits over existing forest inventory solutions. Our expertise, tools, and experience to deliver the required strategic, tactical, and operational data products and services unlocks the potential to optimize management of its forest assets.

Forest Estate Planning

  • Improved Resolution
  • Greater Confidence
  • Can be used for strategic and operational forest planning
  • Provides an improved evaluation of amount of timber (live and dead), species, and product profiles currently on the landscape
  • Lowers operational costs by more easily determining access/block boundaries in office and validating in the field
  • Provides better wildlife habitat assessments, fuel management and fire risk assessments, and biomass and carbon estimates

Return on Investment

  • What you see is what you get (WYSIWYG; i.e. precise and reasonably accurate estimates of polygon attributes at a high resolution)
  • More reliable (spatial) long term wood supply forecasting
  • More reliable short to intermediate term harvest block layout and scheduling
  • More reliable connection between inventory, short term cash flow projections, and longer term valuation of woodlands  
  • Enhanced opportunity to get the right log to the right mill
  • Enhanced opportunity to configure wood processing equipment and plant to match with wood supply, terrain, and operating conditions
  • Potential savings associated with a reduced requirement for ground plot sampling, particularly where there are large commitments to programs of this kind
  • More certainty in meeting Habitat Protection Plan commitments
  • Opportunity to improve fire risk/hazard management activity, particularly around urban interfaces



The next generation of forest inventory.
The only thing that's changed is everything.

It's now possible.

The industry's most detailed, accurate and reliable forest inventory.




A new innovative high resolution forest inventory that accurately identifies species, tree heights, volumes and log size distribution to ensure efficient harvesting to mill operations.


Accurate and up-to-date high resolution forest inventory that enables optimized cut block layout and road design to minimize timber cruising and optimize resource productivity in the field.


Integration of a high resolution inventory with detailed forest planning into one system ensures a single data source across the entire operations and allows for effective forest asset management.


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